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What seperates a bi-folding door from a French door or a sliding patio door? Firstly the size, bi-folding doors can be manufactured up to 6 metres in width and 2.5 metres in height meaning you don't have to settle with side panels and toplights when choosing your new doors.

When fully opened, a bi-folding door can create up to a 90% opening which means you can literally open up your home and bring the outdoors in.

Our new Aspect system is an evolution of the upvc bi-folding door, the track is embedded into the threshold (as opposed to being on the inside/outside of the outer frame) allowing for a flush inline finish, equal and slim sightlines giving you a better view whilst looking simply stunning.


Our internal D-Handles are elegant and discrete, opening the handle will reveal the lever for activating and deactivating the shootbolt locking systems and when you're finished the handle will return back to its original position, sitting flush against the door.


Available in a wide range of colours!

All bi-folding doors are available in a wide range of colours, here is a preview of our main colour range:

Schemes explained

A term which is used often when describing what sort of bi-folding door style you want is "scheme," this means the configuration which relates to the number of panels and how they fold when opened.

There are different interpretations of schemes; some people simply use the scheme number (for example three panes going all one way is a "330" so if they want all three to fold to the right they would call it a "scheme 330R") and some people use the more popular "leaves-left-right" to explain a configuration:

Scheme Configuration Example

Some examples of how schemes are described:

Scheme 330

A scheme 330 is a bi-folding door with three leaves (split into three sections) with three leaves going to the left and none going to the right.

Scheme 431

A scheme 431 is a bi-folding door with four leaves, three leaves fold to the left and and independant leaf that will open to the right (acting in the same manner a standard single residential door).

Please note: all bi-folding doors are viewed from the OUTSIDE.

Available Schemes

Please note: No single traffic door or external access available on schemes 220, 440, 422 or 660.

For more information on available schemes and how bi-folding doors operate please contact a member of staff today on 08452 577 288, we will be more than happy to help and advise you on any queries you may have.

2 Panes:


3 Panes:

Scheme330 Scheme321

4 Panes:

Scheme440 Scheme431 Scheme422

5 Panes:

Scheme550 Scheme541 Scheme532

6 Panes:

Scheme660 Scheme651 Scheme633

7 Panes:

Scheme770 Scheme761 Scheme743